Glass PRN’s

URM generate hundreds of thousands of Glass PRN’s each year; 85% of which are Remelt grade.

Closed loop recycling at its finest

URM offer these PRN’s for sale on a spot or forward basis.

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We also want your Glass waste to process – You need PRN’s to meet your obligation

If you have a PRN obligation and have glass waste from the material you handle let’s talk.

URM are the largest processor of Glass waste in the UK; producing several hundred thousand tonnes of Cullet for Remelt in the UK and Europe every year.

All their glass waste collected is processed in the UK. The waste produced from our benefication plants is further processed to the WRAP protocol to be used as an aggregate material.

URM issue a Remelt PRN for every tonne of glass that goes to Remelt, and will issue a Glass Other PRN for the glass content of the Glass aggregate.

Are you a brewery with glass waste, a pub estate, a supermarket chain with Bottle Banks in the car park. We have a fleet of Bulkers, Bottle Banks, Skips and RoRos with national coverage ready to collect.

URM are happy to provide PRN’s for the glass tonnage they collect from you as part of the standardised collection agreement

PRN’s traded from a £6 low to a £90 high in 2012-13, this volatility caused a lot of difficulties for obligated companies.

By offering PRN’s for glass waste tonnage collected URM can mitigate that financial risk to you of another upwards price cycle and in return URM source more glass waste to process at their feedstock hungry plants.  A symbiotic relationship

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NEWS – URM PRN Update Nov 19th 2018

Q4 outlook : The rise in the Glass Obligation to 1,679,563 as of 19th November is not unexpected given that World Cup hot summer, the surprise is that it has risen so strongly so late in the year.


Q4 currently needs c454K to comply and given that Q4 is normally weaker than Q3 [406k]  [end of the summer ‘drinking season’  / xmas disruption] this is a serious challenge and there is only 5 full working weeks left to achieve it.


The current surging PRN price should uncover dormant glass piles previously uneconomic to process;  combine this with last year’s carry over should allow Glass to hit the required number. However the big unknown is how many Glass PRN’s hoovered up in Q1 to Q3 under £15 are being held for General.  There wont be a large Glass PRN surplus ready to supply General.


We suspect the market will continue to demand a premium in the Glass PRN to encourage the Horse Trading required to get the Glass PRN’s in its correct place.

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